Minimize Your Legal Risks with Any Termination of Employment

There are several reasons why an employee leaves a company. They may quit due to another job offer, personal reasons, or a need to move on. You may feel the need to terminate an employee because the person just hasn't worked out, no matter what you've tried. Perhaps, with today's economic climate, you've decided to reorganize your staff to a more manageable and profitable size.

HR JungleRegardless of the reason, you want to minimize your legal risks by ensuring any termination of employment is done correctly.

Your ability to fire or lay off an employee at will has been frequently challenged in court. Juries often side (and empathize) with "the victim" of the termination. You still have the right to fire or lay off employees, but you need to be able to back up your actions and decisions. Let's make sure you and your supervisors understand the way to terminate properly.

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