Why Performance Management is the Biggest Aspect of Having Employees

We often get questions about how to handle absenteeism, tardiness, poor job performance, and a multitude of other topics. Nearly everyone gets the same basic response: performance management.

HR Jungle Performance management is typically where supervisors and HR people often spend the majority of their time. Don't confuse this with that annual performance review. That's merely a summary of everything you and the employee have done throughout the year.

Helping employees learn what you want or expect from them takes communication. There are many ways to communicate and finding the methods that work best for each employee is important. What you're striving toward are strategies to guarantee repetition of the behaviors you want while avoiding repetition of the problems.

Good strategies for managing employee performance can save you time and money. High productivity, employee retention, and minimizing your legal risks are just a few of the benefits of good performance management.

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